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One in the Chamber: Planted Firmly in the Toronto Scene

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

One in the Chamber is armed and ready with a new E.P. and a determination to plant themselves firmly in Toronto’s every-growing music scene. Starting back in 2015 when guitarist Cecil Eugene discovered drummer Gerrod Harris while he was subbing in at a York University pub for his friend’s jazz band, this band has gone far from their jazz roots and well into the depths of metal. Scratch the surface a little deeper and you’ll also be pleasantly surprised to find musical influences in Alice in Chains, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Who.

Their latest E.P. I’ve Got Something to Say was released back in September after spending time with renowned recording artist Murray Daigle at the iconic Phase One Studios (don’t tell Platinum Blonde but it was actually One in the Chamber who was last to record there)! Known for his ability to capture the best vocal and drum tones out there, Daigle worked with One in the Chamber to create the high-quality sound they had been searching for- something that musically would stand out on the radio, but sound-quality wise, would not.

“For us, it [the E.P.] was a declaration of our musicianship and kind of planting ourselves in the Toronto scene,” says Harris, drummer and P.R. for the band. He goes on to list how wonderfully the Toronto scene has grown- shouting out to some of his Canadian favs like Drop Top Alibi, Jailbirds and The Crooked. For him, the Canadian sound is no longer a scene, Canucks have entrenched themselves in all genres.

“Take the small microcosm of Queen West in Toronto for example,” Harris laments. “You can go to the Rex for an old school jazz club then walk ten minutes west and you’ll find bars like The Horseshoe and Cameron House. Keep going ten more minutes and you’re at Bovine Sex Club.”

He isn’t wrong.

If you love metal or diving in a little deeper to discover something in a band that’s below the surface, then I’d definitely recommend checking these guys out. Lucky for you, they have a bunch of summer shows coming up in London, Barrie, Missassauga and Toronto. Head over to their site to get the dirty deets.

Peace, love & history.

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