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"Smoke": An outrageously wild new single and video from London-based Hiroshima Hearts

Forest City band, Hiroshima Hearts, has released their new single "Smoke" channeling a reckless freedom of 70s-inspired goodness.

Drummer Mark Swan wrote the original instrumental track after diving deep into Jack White and Queens of the Stone Age (I hear ya there, Mark). "In your face guitar, driving drums and howling vocals to me is what makes a good rock n' roll song. I tried to take those inspirations and mash them up with what I loved about Hiroshima Hearts from before I joined the band." Lucky for us, this included a loud and proud cow bell to boot.

Bringing it to the band, each member was able to collectively write lyrics and add their mark to the song. According to lead vocalist Jenn Marino,

"Over the span of a few months, we took the song into the band room, worked out the kinks, played it live a few times, took it back to the drawing board, and ended with something that we are really proud of. We may never actually reach that perfect sound we are going for, but this is by far the closest we have come to date. "

It shows. The track is organic and rough around the edges-- a bit down and dirty with a seventies groove. It's the kind of song you can picture driving away to- leaving a questionable past in the dust of your rearview mirror.

Speaking of rearview mirrors, one can't talk about this track without it's corresponding music video. Crafted by bassist Michael Del Vecchio, the video boasts vintage seventies video clips from public domain footage catalogues. Del Vecchio, who has crafted a few DIY videos in the past, jumped on the opportunity when COVID-19 made it clear that working with a local videographer just wasn't currently in the cards. I gotta say,it's pretty rad.

Be sure to check out Hiroshima Hearts online for a nearly decade-long catalogue of down n' dirty rock n' roll.

Peace, love & history.

A Note from the Band

"It feels extremely odd to be releasing new music at this time. We are privileged today to be in a band, have our voices heard, and to be able chase our dreams free from fear. In this time we promise to listen to those who are marginalized. We promise to learn and we promise to use whatever platform we have to amplify marginalized voices now and far into the future."

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