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Record Store Day 2017: April 22nd at Third Man Records, Nashville

Once again, music and novelty lovers from all over met up at Third Man Records in Nashville to check out Jack White’s record label, pick up rare vinyl releases and most of all, meet up with friends made over the nine years since Third Man’s opening. While we originally started coming for the rare records, it’s our fellow music lovers that keep us coming back and waiting overnight in line like crazy people each year. Every year, we come together and reminisce on Record Store Days past, like the epic and stormy year of the liquid filled record, the year Jack performed a show for 100 people and cut it directly to vinyl for the World’s Fastest Record or the epic BBQ parties of years past. We talk Third Man but also just music in general and take pride in the fact that music is such a powerful force in uniting us all (is that too much? I don’t care).

This year proved to be a doozy weather-wise. Thunder storms and flash flood warnings left most of us holed up in our tents for the night a little less social than most years but come morning, there was also a bit of pride amongst those who managed to stick it out for the night without fleeing to the hotel to sleep there instead.

Photo Credit: Third Man Records

Onto the music.

This year, Third Man Records released a full LP as well as a single on coloured vinyl by Lillie Mae (Jack White’s touring fiddler) and she was there to sign it. Sweet as can be with musical talent flying out the wazoo, this was a highlight for me. Other special releases included a gold 7-inch of Jack’s latest tune Battle Cry, a Bob Segar 7 inch, a poster of Jack White by Rory Kurtz and a gorgeous coffee table book featuring exclusive interviews with artists of the Third Man Records Blue Series singles conducted by Ben Blackwell, co-founder of Third Man Records. He was also there to sign copies and write quirky messages inside each one. The merch was overpriced this year in my opinion (although, people still bought it) but all still pretty cool.

Photo Credit: Third Man Records

Third Man ended the day in style with some breakfast burritos, a pop up bar and of course some live music. Once again, we had an awesome Record Store Day and we can’t wait for Third Man’s tenth anniversary next year! If you’ve never visited their Nashville or Detroit location, Third Man is an awesome spot to check out music, get back in touch with vinyl records and feel like a kid in a weird, amazing candy shop.

Peace, love & history.

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