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Rob Baker on The Tragically Hip, Memory and The Canadian Sound

This past winter, I was given the opportunity to meet and interview Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip. After their tour in summer 2016, Rob took time to reflect on what the Hip meant to him and where they fit in the greater context of the Canadian sound. We talked the creation of the Hip, how they’ve changed and what it means to be known as “Canada’s band”.

I was nervous as hell to interview Rob (and that’s to say the least) but he was kind, generous with his time and never made us (my boyfriend Ryan and me) feel out of place. We really appreciated that.

I hope, as we head into Canada’s 150th birthday, you enjoy this interview with Rob. Take a listen as we discuss if the Tragically Hip will ever tour again, if there’s more music to come and who his favourite upcoming Canadian bands are.

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