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The Kills at The Rave, Milwaukee WI. September 17th 2016

Let’s just be clear. There’s never a dull Kills show. The concert at the notorious Rave (hello Jeffrey Dalmer) blew me away. Since last winter in Detroit, the Kills have added a few more songs to the set and kept the classics including Monkey on my Back, Pots n Pans and Black Balloon. Rather than ending the set with Last Goodbye. Mosshart started the encore with That Love– an amazing acoustic rendition I highly recommend you download. Mosshart is the perfect front-woman for a rock band with an amazing voice, sexual prowess and an “I don’t give a FUCK” kind of attitude you can’t help but admire. Jamie is her absolute equal. With a guitar style all his own and impressive talent to back it up, it’s no wonder you don’t know where to look during a Kills show. Trust me, this won’t be my last!

Photos courtesy of Ryan Mueller

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