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Vibes This Week: April 2nd-8th 2020 #IMissMyFriends

Well, well, well, how are you doing my fellow social isolators?

I'm finding this week a lot of people are getting a little down as the social distance gets to them. I'm feeling pretty lucky to be healthy, working from home and to be hanging out with Ryan loads (our Mario Kart tournaments have gotten to a whole new level).

My friends and I have been zooming and snapping each other loads BUT I can't help but notice how much I freakin' miss them. That's depsite the fact that we've probably talked to each other more in the past couple of weeks than the last couple of months in some cases. I CAN'T WAIT TO HUG THEM IN REAL LIFE THOUGH. That's why this week, I decided to create a playlist that reminds me of my friends. Each song reminds me of a different one...hence what a freakin' hodge podge this is. Quality, Canadian rock and indie? Forget it. A solid song order? Out the window! These songs just make me happy and remind me of my best buds. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

Please let me know in the comments what songs remind you of your friends!

Side Note: If you're one of my friends, try and figure out which song reminds me of you (OR if you should be mad at me because I didn't get a song for you...just kidding. Please tell me so I can add our song <3). Whether you danced holding a big bowl of poutine to a song on this list, blasted it over and over on the way to Canada's Wonderland or something in between, I love you!

P.S. Next week I'm going to do one that reminds me of my fam who I love and miss SO much.

P.P.S. Here's a video of my friends and me dancing to Spice Girls in high school because we were very cool. You're welcome.

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