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Ways to Support Your Fav Bands & Still Practice Social Distance

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Weird times we're living in, eh? I've spent my week working from home with my day job as a tourism officer, amazed by all the innovative ways that our local partners have diversified their businesses in light of COVID-19. It's been really cool to see the acts of community and ingenuity. That got me thinking, now that I know how i can support my favourite local businesses during this time, how can I support BANDS? Well my friends, read on. This is a really tough time for musicians. Tours have been cancelled indefinitely and in turn, bands and their crews are going to lose a lot of money. Those in the hospitality industry will also suffer as a result, of course. Here are some ways you can safely help.

1. Purchase Band Merch Online

Loads of bands have had to cancel tours and in an age of low album sales, that can be totally devastating for their bottom line. Consider buying their merch online to continue the financial support. That includes everything from band tees (which many of you would have bought at the concerts anyways) to vinyl, stickers, patches and swag.

2. Stream or Download their Music...and actually pay for it too!

Is this how everyone looks while they're streaming music? Not me.

We live in an age of digital music and the fact of the matter is that you should be paying for it. If you didn't opt for the vinyl online (which I highly recommend and usually comes with a free digital download),show them some love by listening to their music online and PAYING for the service.

3. Take in a Live Stream Concert & Tip!

In this time, LOADS of artists are live streaming, sharing new songs and putting themselves out there. Most of these concerts are free but there is an option to tip the artists online or donate to a charity of their choice. Do it!

Side note: What live streams have you guys been enjoying? I'm really enjoy Ben Gibbard's daily streams and J.J. Wilde's Coffee & a Cover each day. I also really loved Brother Elsey's live stream the other night and have a bunch I want to catch up on! Tell me which ones you're looking forward to in the comments.

4. Give Them Some Love on Social Media

A little love on social media can go a long way to helping a band gain traction. Post an Instagram story, retweet their new music, share the hell out of a Facebook post, watch a live stream concert or just post your own fav songs. Side note: if you're posting a vid, that's a great time to wear that new merch.

5. Subscribe to their Email Newsletters

Loads of bands work hard to cultivate a subscriber list so they can reach more people. Help them grow the list by signing up! As an added bonus, this often comes with perks like first cracks at tickets, exclusive merch and more.

6. Tell Yo' Friends

Except don't get this close to your friends...just text them or something.

Spread the word, spread the love! Tell your friends all about your fav bands.Share playlists and particularly support those little guys or bands you know had tours planned prior to COVID-19.

7. Join Their Fan Pages

Fans congregate online (usually on Facebook) and joining these pages is a great way to spread the love (again! wow!). If you haven't already checked to see if your fav bands have fan pages, get on it. Engage with fellow fans to help support a base of people that support the band. Just don't get pulled into any negativity. Use it as a chance to make friends and learn more about the music.

7. Enjoy the Music

Honestly, artists share their craft because they're passionate and they want to spread the music. So enjoy it!

Peace, love & history.

P.S. Looking for something to DO during this time of social distancing? If you're bored, check out my cabin fever tool kit.

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